Our Chef’s
Signature Dishes

Our Chef’s Signature dishes reflect both his roots in South India and his decades of experience in 7 star kitchens ranging from Dubai to France to London. These dishes reflect the earthy soul of South Indian home food. You will enjoy the warmth of a mother’s hand presented with a contemporary twist in any dish you order. Enjoy!

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Telangana Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken winglets tossed with spicy masala

Nimma Kodi Skewers

Pan grilled chicken skewers with a hint of lemon

Munakkaya Chops

Crunchy drumstick lollypops served with green chilli mayo dip

Masala Mirapakaya Pakodi

Chilli fritters stuffed with mixed veg mash, served with tomato

Royyalu Mamudi Koora

Prawns cooked with raw mango in spicy coconut stew

Mirapakaya Battaneela Curry

Mildly spiced rich gravy cooked with Bhajji chilli and green

Gongura Mamsam

Blended spices and chicken cubes cooked with sorrel leaves

Bendakkaya Kara Pulusu

Ladies finger cooked in spicy and tangy tomato gravy

Karepaaku Paneer

Curry leaf laced paneer served with mint chutney

Kaikoorala Kothu Mamsam Kebab

Minced lamb & assorted veg kebab served with mint chutney

Aloogadda Nawabi

Potatoes stuffed with nuts, khoa & dry fruits, cooked in

Aavala Chapala Kebab

Mustard flavoured fish tikka served with mint chutney

Trinethrudu Sabiya Semiya Payasam

Three flavours of semolina payasams served with ice cream

Kesari Annam Kheer

Saffron & rose flavoured rice kheer

Gummadikaya Halwa Bobbatlu

White pumpkin halwa served with palakova bobbatlu and ice cream

Carrot Halwa with Vanilla Delight

Sweet carrot halwa served with vanilla ice cream


  • Mahendran
    I loved how they served a simple podi idli dish with style that rivals the best scotch eggs served anywhere in the world. The cuisine is extensive and enough to satisfy even the most hard core South Indian cravings. Great variety, great food.
  • Namratha
    The food is lovely and homely and the uniqueness will makes me want to keep going back for more!  But there is something more than homely here. There is a certain vivaciousness to this food which comes from a subtle mixing of traditional and contemporary flavours and this makes it special.
  • Sarathy
    The food was beautifully presented and had a wholesome and soulful quality. It was very much like home food and tasted great too. The pleasant ambience, warm and smiling hostess, courteous servers all added to the experience and made it a holistic journey in food!
  • Viji
    I enjoyed spicy food, variety food, tasty food. The food is very homely but it feels like you are eating in a five-star restaurant. The ambience is so good. Clean, simple, homely. The presentation is very good.


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