A foodie’s guide to HEAVEN!

Yeah. Everyone knows that I love food more than anything else. But I am also a traditional South Indian girl. A deeply rooted one at that. True I love food. Also true that I love my Thayir Sadam more than anything else. Beeeeep! Boring! Not true at all. Nothing can be more interesting than the subtle variations of curd and rice mixed together in the perfect proportion. The curd must be set to perfection, not too sour and not too bland, mind you. The rice must be cooked to perfection, not too mushy and not too dry. Then there are choices and more for what else you put in it. It can be mildly tempered with mustard and curry leaves or it can be turned to dynamite with green chillies and coriander leaves. I am not one for the cosmetic pomegranate seeds or grapes in the thayir sadam.

This brings me to the whole point of this blog. I discovered Andhra Annam. My first meal here was of course Thayir Sadam. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they make it just the way I like it! And for a seasoned specialist gourmet thayir sadam eater like me, that is saying something. In all my excitement, I went there again, this time determined to try something other than thayir sadam. I tried the curry leaf rice and loved it. Feeling adventurous, I took along three non-vegetarian friends to try their other dishes. One swore by the Royalla Karepaku Vepudu (prawns in Curry leaf) and the others seemed to have found heaven in the mild looking creamy biriyani (Avakkai Kodi Biriyani). And now we are a bunch of regulars here. And so the story goes……..